What do you think of campus ministry?

It’s funny when you investigate a new blog, you always end up semi-stalking them and posting comments on lots of posts. Or at least I do.

I’ve just been reading Boy in the Bands. He’s an American who’s recently been posting about our British Unitarian growth plans.

I think it started with Helping the British Unitarians and Free Christians. But there’s also:

One suggestion from a commentor,  is that we could do some campus ministry. And send some 18-21 years olds to the States to learn how to lead it.

I don’t know what I think of this idea. Certainly we do send people to the States to learn from their ideas (Buyan comes from Opus,  Summer School comes from Star Island) so that’s not a problem.

I think there would be some backlash in some quarters against an 18 year old taking on a leadership role. But that wouldn’t necessarily rule it out.

No, really I’m just plain not sure whether campus ministry would work over here. You’d need to be very self-starting to pull it off because you would essentially be building a Unitarian community from scratch – it’s unlikely that there would be other Unitarians at the uni who you could tap into.

I wonder whether it could be done or not.

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